Houston Mall Womens Grandma Boho Rainbow Grandmother V-Neck T-Shirt Charlotte Mall

Womens Grandma Boho Rainbow Grandmother V-Neck T-Shirt Houston Mall Womens Grandma Boho Rainbow Grandmother V-Neck T-Shirt Charlotte Mall Mannington Award Series Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper For All Gorgeous I had a 1980's style high-gloss floor replaced in 2017 with a Mannington low luster floor. High-gloss vinyl flooring was no longer available so I had to go with a low luster. Since that time, I have tried many things to get that new floor clean including scrubbing it with bristle brushes, but to no avail! I even tried the Mannington floor cleaning solution, but that didn't work. I almost resorted to getting a totally new floor because I couldn't stand the dirty look . Then, I discovered this product. I used it for the first time today and was so surprised at how well it worked! Finally, I have a clean floor! Per directions, it needs to be diluted to 1 part solution and 3 parts water. I used 2 buckets, one with the cleaning solution and one with clean water. I used a scrub brush and then wiped it clean with the clear water. I finished the floor with the Mannington polish. I still miss the high-gloss floor, but at least I can see a clean floor again! I suggest wearing gloves.First of all, though it doesn't say so on the website, but this product SMELLS as bad as ammonia. If I had wanted something like ammonia, I'd have gone out and for 1/10th the price, gotten ammonia. I didn't want ammonia or anything that smelled like it. Further, it cleaned up one part of the floor at first, but not another part that is a sticky mess. Maybe I didn't let it sit long enough, but 20 minutes should have been enough. I reapplied it and let it sit longer, but I don't like this because of the smell, the cost, and the length of time it takes to work. It does strip the wax off, but you can only do one area at a time because of the smell, so if you can tolerate ammonia, you'll be able to tolerate this, but if not, try another stripper, because this requires a strong stomach and good control over your reflexive regurgitation.I was trying to clean a dirty vinyl tile floor in my basement laundry room. Moving some old cabinets revealed what the floor might look like if I could strip off the old polish, stains and use. The product is advertised as appropriate for this purpose. I used it at the strength recommended, let it sit 4-5 minutes, and voila, nothing changed; the floor was as bad as when I started. I then tried it at full strength and let it sit 6-10 minutes. Voila, no difference. Nothing changed. That was the whole bottle.You cannot return this item!!! It delivered late so in the mean time I bought something else.And they won't accept a return of this product, yet that is not stated anywhere on the seller page Installer tried to hide a scuff and put on a well know polish that begins with the letter "R" for wood floors. I stripped off that awful stuff in 20 minutes with this stripper and used less than a cup. I put it in correct 1-3 in a spray bottle and worked in a small area, it worked great. I rinsed several times with a flat microfiber mop and floor is back to what I bought. Adura Max Floor cleaned up great. Outdid the first stripper I tried. One application removed the nasty looking remains of my other attempt Bought this product for someone else and they said the product worked very well. First time user based on recommendations of manufacturer. This product did not remove ground in dirt from my vinyl Mannington floor, even when I used it undiluted on heavily soiled areas. My floor was a no-wax floor and this product removed the finish and made the still dirty floor look very dull. I will not use this product again nor would I recommend it. I tried Armstrong floor cleaner later and it cleaned better (still not 100%) and the finish looked much brighter This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Excellent remover of old vinyl wax or floor polish Safe for all vinyl floors Used as a Heavy Duty Cleaner to Remove Dirt and Grime Each 32 oz bottle gives 200 sq ft of coverage Gentle on Your Floors While Being Tough on the Grime That Covers Them Product description If your vinyl or fiberglass flooring has layers of grime or a worn-out finish, you can begin restoring it with Mannington Award Series Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper. This high-quality product is formulated for multiple floor care uses. In addition to being a heavy duty floor cleaner for tough dirt and stains, it can also remove old vinyl wax or built-up floor polish, prepping your floor for a coating of Mannington Award Series polish. Each 32 ounces bottle gives 200 sq ft of coverage and is safe for use on all residential vinyl and fiberglass floors, including Mannington Luxury Vinyl and Vinyl Tile. Mannington floor cleaner is gentle on your floors while being tough on the grime that covers them. Directions for Use: Sweep or Vacuum floor. Mix 1 part Mannington Award Series Heavy Duty Cleaner Stripper to 3 parts water. Generously apply solution with sponge mop and allow it to soak for 5-10 minutes. While still wet, scrub floor with nylon pad or brush. Mop up dirty solution. With clean mop, immediately rinse floor with clean water. Allow floor to thoroughly air dry. If using as stripper, apply Mannington Award Series High-Gloss Polish for protection. Coverage:32oz bottle of Stripper is enough to cover approximately 200 sq ft. Note: Use rubber gloves to avoid direct skin contact with cleaner. we also have a purpose built distribution centre in tokyo where we despatch well over 1000 orders every day! Health Household => Household Supplies => Household Cleaning




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Houston Mall Womens Grandma Boho Rainbow Grandmother V-Neck T-Shirt Charlotte Mall

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